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Dead Man’s Hand Entertainment is a full service casino theme party company. We have all the popular casino games like Blackjack, Roulette, Craps and Poker. We bring those games and dealers to your venue and put on a fantasy casino where your guests play for fun and not for money.

We thought it would be really cool to bring the casino experience to people, while not having any real money on the line. 

Our company was established in September of 2014. We have a combined total of 30+ years of experience in the casino industry. Which makes us professionals when it comes to casino games and entertainment. 

We’ve put a lot of love into our business, and we want to share this fun filled way of partying with you!   

~Here's A List Of Our Table Games~


All game accessories are included.

This game accommodates 7 players

Three Card Poker

All game accessories are included

This game accommodates 7 players 


All game accessories are included

This game accommodates 8-9 players 

Craps (8ft)

All game accessories are included

This game accommodates 8 players 

Poker (chairs not included)

All game accessories are included.

This game accommodates 9 players 

Casino Props

Available upon order

Book an event with us and share an unforgettable experience!

NC Area Call (828) 400-7706| TN

Area Call (828) 808-1312

Hours: 24/7 Just leave a message and we’ll get back with you!


Our Testimonials


These guys did a fantastic job, and worth every penny! Their service was a perfect fit for our event. We highly recommend them!

Cordial & Craft ~Lexie

Asheville, NC

Ed and Kim run a top notch service. Our Asheville and Hendersonville locations have used them to entertain our employees Christmas party two years in a row. 

Home Depot~ Patricia

Hendersonville, NC

Thank you so much for helping us with our fundraiser event! It was so much FUN!!! Definitely using you guys again!

Elks Lodge #608

Asheville, NC

Things To Consider

Every party is always different from the next. And since your event will be unique in its own way, we think you should take into consideration a few things we’ve learn along the way to help you optimize our service. 

How many guests will be attending?

The first step is estimating the number of guests.  We use this information as a guide to the number of tables you will need as well as a key factor when creating a quote for you.

Will food be served?

A good thing to keep in mind is when you will be serving food, like before or during the gaming because this could affects how many guests will be playing as well. We have found planning a sit-down dinner before the gaming starts, gives your guest time to break bread between each other, relax and be ready to play.  Same rule applies when hors d’oeuvres are being served during gaming time. Some guests will be eating food, and socializing, which will reflect less table game action.

Any other activities?

Let us know if you plan to have additional activities like meetings, speeches, dancing, auctions, and other forms of entertainment. Things like this can affect the amount time utilized for gaming. We want all your guest to have the opportunity to enjoy our service, so keep us informed on whats going on so we can make sure your party gets the best bang for your buck! 

Having a good mix of table games.

When you walk into most live gaming casinos, you will see a slue of blackjack, different kinds of carne games with some craps, and roulette tables. Blackjack is by far the most popular game and extremely addicting. That’s why when booking a casino party event with us, we recommend you have mostly blackjack games at your event.  If your get together is fairly small, and you should have at least one blackjack table in the mix.

What about those that don’t know how to play?

It’s quite okay if not all of your guests are high-rollers. You may find some people have never set foot in a real casino.  And that’s perfectly fine, actually that’s awesome because here’s their chance to learn and play with us! We’ll take the time to explain the rules and encourage them to give it a shot, a roll of the dice or a spin of the wheel. And the best part, they can learn without losing any money because it’s all in fun! Our professional croupiers (aka~table game dealer) will make you, as the host look like a rock-star, and help create memories that will last for years to come.

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